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Sponsorship Opportunities

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During this month, our program will host special events to educate the public on the seriousness of the epidemic called domestic violence and its impact on our community. This act of violence has infiltrated millions of homes and destroyed many families. The main event is tentatively scheduled for October 14, 2017, at… (Name and Address of Meeting Place) in Osceola County. During the event and throughout the month, we’ll offer your company an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your rejection of domestic violence and your support for the many victims and survivors among us. We need your support to combat this epidemic.


As a sponsor, we recognize the excellence of your brand and your goals to expand your customer base and market share. You will have several opportunities to advertise your business before and during the event. We have secured ad spots in local newspapers, on UMT radio and television, email and more. Also, your company will have one-on-one access to our participants. It would be a great honor to have your company sponsor our event. Your sponsorship can be made by purchasing one of the following packages:


  • Advertise your brand/logo (provided by your company) on our website, event page

  • Market your corporate name and logo in our promotional brochures, posters, email blasts and our social media accounts




  • Includes: the gold package and

  • A table with a chair where you can display your brochures

  • Recognition during the event, in our newspaper advertisements, Radio, Television, etc.

  • Unlimited projection of your logo during the event

Upcoming Events: News


  • Includes: the gold and diamond packages and

  • Exclusivity as the only sponsor and/or seller in its category during the event

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